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Corris Craft Centre - just north of the Medieval Capital of Wales, Machynlleth - has been our home since 2005. Although not that far from where it all began geographically speaking, we've come a very long way since our journey started back in 1984.

Delyn Glass at Corris Craft Centre

Where it all began


Aged seventeen, Kevin joined Glass by David, South Wales, a wholesaler and exporter of glass giftware. After some months carrying out repetitive, volume tasks, he undertook a short intensive course in London, where he learned how to make glass flowers. Upon his return, he trained his colleagues in the manufacture of flowers and continued to develop his skills whilst working for the company over the next year, until the company ran into difficulties amid the oil crisis of the 1970s.

Having been made redundant as a result, Kevin sought work elsewhere and continued to pursue his new found passion in his spare time. Having won the Livewire Young Enterprise Award and with the help of a Prince's Trust grant, he bough a kiln, rented premises in nearby Cilfynydd, and began trading as Delyn Glass in August 1984, amid the Miner's Strike. 

Honoured by a visit from HRH The Prince & Princess of Wales

Kevin was honoured by a visit from their Royal Highnesses, Prince Charles and Princess Diana in February 1985, by which point, he was already supplying some individual shops, department stores and a Welsh Arts & Crafts Wholesaler who supplied retail outlets throughout Wales. The business continued to grow over the next three years before Kevin purchased The Old Bakery, where Glass by David had previously been based. Now in his hometown of Mountain Ash, he continued to supply Jewellers and Gift Shops nationally, and grow a small team.

In 2005 Kevin sought new premises to fulfill a long time ambition to operate his own retail outlet where he could also manufacture. He discovered the crafting community at Corris where there were a number of new units available, and immediately fell in love with the surrounding area. Soon after, he put his business premises on the market and moved to North Wales to set up at Corris Craft Centre, where he's traded since.

Team Delyn Glass

Kevin Brown | Proprietor / Glass Artist

Kevin Brown

Position: Proprietor / Glass Artist

Kevin began his journey in glass in the South Wales Valleys. In 2005 he relocated the business to Corris Craft Centre. Living and working within the Sonwdonia National Park has inspired new designs. He now also meets his customers who's ideas and requests challenge him further.

"Camp out among the grasses and gentians of glacial meadows, in craggy garden nooks full of nature’s darlings."
 - John Muir
Hannah, Glass Artist at Delyn Glass

Hannah Roberts

Position: Glass Artist / Decorator

Hannah has loved the alchemy of glass since she was young, joined as a trainee five years ago. With a background in Art & Design, she has a B.A. (hons) in Glass

Whilst she makes some of our collection, she is also largely responsible for the delicate hand-decoration of items.

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