How we colour our glass.

We use a variety of techniques to achieve the finishes you see on our products. All finishes are applied after items have first been annealed in the kiln.


Frosted – The glass is blasted with fine grit, resulting in a "white", non-reflective finish.


Gold - This is applied either by hand painting or spraying a suspension of 24ct gold in oil onto an item. It is then re-fired to 600 degrees centigrade, during which time the oil vaporises leaving the gold fused to the glass.


Lustre – The lustre’s we use are a mixture of precious, (gold, platinum, silver, titanium e.g.) and base metal oxides. These are also suspended in oil and can be hand or spray painted. Lustre colouring achieves a shiny coloured finish, and by mixing different oxides together it is possible to achieve a range of colours, from yellow through to blues and violet. Examples of our lustre finishes can be seen on our Bluebells, Dolphins, Perfume Bottles and Flying Dragons.


Glass Lacquer Stains – Again these are applied by either hand or spray painting items. Some items are frosted before staining in order to achieve more delicate colours. Glass stains are used on Welsh Dragons and some Flowers.




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